Civ4 features
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New and updated features of Civilization 4

Here's a short and incomplete list of new features in Civilization 4:

  • Wild animals were added to make exploration and expanding more dangerous.
  • Barbarian tribes are now far less helpless.
  • Great Leaders are gone, but Great People were added.
  • Sing praises to Firaxis, corruption and waste are now removed.
  • Now you can trade food.
  • Religion. Meet the new concept in the game.
  • Artillery made more powerful and now it does damage to all units in a stack. Supposed to eliminate 'doom stack' approach. You'll need to spread your troops to evade bombarding.
  • Units now can't grow within usual regular-veteran-elite scale. HMM style unit promotions were added.
  • No military leaders from civ3 now available, but Great People were added.
  • No eras in tech research.
  • Several Golden Ages can now happen during the same game.
  • Firaxis promises a smarter and less cheating AI.

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