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After many conquerred empires and millions of battles won and lost the time has come to see the sequel of Sid Meier's series of [one of] the best strategy game ever made. Civ4 is being developed by Firaxis Games, and final release of long-awaited Civilization IV is expected by winter 2005. Many game funs from all over the world will soon see if Sid Meier is as good as it used to be and if Firaxis succeeded in bringing this wonderful turn-based strategy to a new level.

On these pages we discuss the features expected in civ4 and give new ideas that may make the game even more interesting to play. Note that civ4 is not yet available and we base the conclusions on all kind of prerelease information. Of course, this info is often inaccurate and some features may change in the very last moment.

We're open for news and comments and always glad to recieve feedback from all funs. Send us your ideas/wishes/complains and let's hope it will affect the efforts of Firaxis to make the game better. On the whole, civ4 is promising to be an improvement rather then a spoiler, but they've yet to prove that it is wonderful not just because of Great and Small Wonders stuffed in it [just a joke]. some info some more

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